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Male animal genitalia gallery

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Welcome to my (not so) mini galleries


On this website, you will find the finest pictures of male animal genitalia. I'm trying to create a biggest such collection on the whole world (LOL :). Just select a gallery you'd like to see from bellow, and have fun.
You will find here the most complete collection of male animal genitalia (male members, pens, penises, dicks, genitals call it whatever you want). If you've ever been wondering how for example a male elephant or horse penis looks like, this is the right place for you. These galleries contain mainly pictures of erected male mammal penises, but you will also find here pictures of animal balls (scrotum, testicles, same remark:), some mating pictures (figuring male animal mating, ie animal mating where you can see male something :), and also genitals of some unusual species (e.g. emu, ostrich or various reptiles). There are also few miscellaneous pictures as well (statues, funny pics, ...).

Currently over 6500 pictures online !

SPECIAL THANKS to Chris-S, "Asder", "Muddypond", "blue_stallion", "Pascal0078", "Jacques Strauss", -HugDoggy-, Wolf *howls*, -=ScHrAnZeR=-, Resident Hyaena ^..^, *Brian -H-*, *Rhinoboy*, *Ecchifan*, SnowDog, "Tamby", /MickelFox, Roma_*, Doggerlama, Northernpony, "Zeus Thor", BigCatSimba2, Casey, Danny L. for contributing lots of extra stuff ;).
Extra credit this time to -HugDoggy- for contributing recently (summer 2011) about 1000 pics in pack (although it will take a considerable, I mean a f*king lot of, time to process).
Also regards to Kiles for asking avery week about update :D

A very special thanks to "Brad" from Zoohaven for kindly offering free space on this server so these galleries can continue to grow :)

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE : If you have some new pictures, please send them to my e-mail : makloox[at]gmail[dot]com
I'll add them to the current gallery so it can continue to grow.
Please, send me only pictures matching the theme (male horse/dog/roo/bull/... any male genitalia), and also in some correct quality.

Note also these galleries will not work with MSIE. Main reason: I'm angered by the degree to which Micr0$0ft has abused, exploited and tried to control the Internet, and if people are going to come to my door with that browser, I'm going to make them think about it first. Users of the web might have a reasonable expectation of impartial, gracefully-degraded service.
Also that stupid M$ product has no interesting features, it is insecure, it doesn't respect HTML standards, it is a best way to get viruses & troyans. People are using it only because IE is imposed in win as default. I'am really sick from hearing that M$ suxx, IE suxx, Linux rulez, ... and still everybody is putting "best viewed in IE" on their sites, and modifying their standard-compliant sites just to be viewable with IE (which is absolutely stupid in 21st century). So I decided my site "cannot be viewed in IE".
You may try alternative browsers like: Opera, Mozilla or Konqueror - all of them are more standard, and most are multi platform. I can strongly recommend to use Opera which is absolute number one in performance with big web galleries, and usually on sites with tons of data, I'm sure it is worth a try. And you can also get some Real OS too.

*** Download Opera *** Download Linux *** Get Konqueror *** Get Firefox ***

Latest news & updates

Current online galleries

Male horse's genitalia gallery

Pictures of male horse's gold members (stallions and geldings).
(1413 horse pictures inside)
Male horse (stallion) genitalia gallery
Stallion's gate

Pictures of nice looking stallions - more or less excited.
Here you will also find lots of pictures of horse mating/breeding.
(965 horse pictures inside)
Nice male horse (stallion) gallery
Male dog's genitalia gallery

Pictures of male dog's gold members: dog penis, dog balls, showing pink, and so on.
(1424 dog pictures inside)
Male dog genitalia gallery
Other males' genitalia gallery

Pictures featuring bulls, roos (kangaroos), zebras, llamas, giraffes, cetaceans (dolphins, orcas, whales), lions, cats, elephants, apes, monkeys, birds, reptiles, bats ...
(2108 pictures inside)
Other male genitalia gallery (bulls,kangaroos,roos,lions,bears,apes,elephants...)
Horse pee pictures     *** NEW SECTION ***

Pictures of male horses doing their pee stuff.
And guess what? They also get some additional hardon (or call it "boost" or whatever) during this :)
(Note that few pictures here were moved from "Horse" and "Stallion" galleries.)
(41 horse peeing pictures inside)
Horse pee gallery (pictures of male horses peeing)
next ones comming soon ^_^ (maybe)

Misc galleries

Horse art gallery

Horse art and horse-related art pictures: horse statues or reliefs, horse paintings, Pegasus/centaur statues and so on.
Lot of focus on horse statues' penis and balls :)
(310 pictures)
Other male genitalia gallery (bulls,kangaroos,roos,lions,bears,apes,elephants...)
Miscellaneous galleries

Any other pictures slightly related to male genitalia. This features penises size charts, plush animals, statues and fun.
(234 pictures)
Other male genitalia gallery (bulls,kangaroos,roos,lions,bears,apes,elephants...)
Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra screens

Really hot screenshots from A&OMC film. These are *real* screenshots from *real* film, a must see! And you also must see the film if you didn't so ;)
(61 pix)
Asterix and Obelix mission Cleopatra sexy screenshots


Misc stuff

Well that's all for now folks ;)
Have fun.

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